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Pullet Trainer System

Rearing Aviary System

Meets the needs and requirements for Pullet Cage-Free
product, providing the necessary enrichments to train and strengthen the pullets, from day 1 until the laying cycle begins for Cage-Free Production.

PT475 - Pullet Trainer2.jpg

Pullet Stacked System

Stacked Rearing System

With feeder and drinker systems adjustable to the growing size of the pullets, facilitating access during the entire pullet period.

Designed with greater height to allow pullets to drink water comfortably, even during older stages of rearing. 


Pullet A-Frame System 

A-Frame Rearing System

Designed with greater height and adjustable drinkers to adjust to the growing size of the pullets, making it suitable for the entire period prior to the laying stage. 

This system is fully-automatic, creating convenience and efficiency, while lowering labor costs. 

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