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Egg Conveyor

The egg conveyor system is an essential part of egg production, no matter the size. Different building layout require a custom setup of the conveyor to most effectively carry the eggs from the house to the grader room. 


Alaso's Egg Conveyor can be set up in a variety of custom installations to meet specific needs. With 90° curves and 13° offset it allow for turns and long runs. It can include system elbows to allow incline and decline up to 20°. 


May also include a galvanized steel roof, as an

additional option, even on the 90° curve.


Master Controller

Manage and collect all your production data from one place. 

Manure Conveyor

The 24" system offer dependable and efficient manure removal process. Available with elevation and de-elevation of up to 30°. They can be mounted down the center, side walls and by the ceiling. This system is used in storage areas attached to the layer house, or in a separate barn. Set up to meet your needs. 

Climate Control System 

Ventilation to meet your specific needs based on your location's climate and your production layout. 

Suggested equipment based on specific calculated needs. 

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