Layer A-Frame System


General Specs

Available with 3 and 4 tiers, and the option of Traveling Hopper or Flat Chain Feeding System.


This system is fully-automatic, creating convenience and efficiency, while lowering labor costs. Equipped with polypropylene manure deflectors to a bottom pit, with no maintenance required until the end of the laying period of the flock. 


Engineered with structural support & reinforced trough support in heavy galvanized steel, every 4 feet (1.22 meters) on each tier, strengthening the system twice as much. With the option of walk-able lower level troughs to allow for easier access to the higher levels.


With compartment tops and doors designed with wires parallel to the feeder troughs, allowing better flock control and more wiggle room for the layers to access the feed.

The System is fully-automatic, increasing efficiency and lowering labor costs. All power units are direct drive “coupled motors and gearboxes", without belts. This helps maintain production clean, while reducing maintenance, down time and cost. 

Feeding System Options

Traveling Hopper Feeder

  • With a dispenser exclusive to Alaso, it provides an accurate quantity of feed, based on your specific needs.


  • It mixes new feed with the old, providing an even distribution of feed. 

  • The Traveling Hopper Feeding System is said to be one of the most effective feed delivery systems, since it has the least separation of feed. 

  • Unlike most in the industry, Alaso's Traveling Hopper is self-propelled, gliding along the top rail, rather than being pulled. 

Flat Chain Feeder

  • Flat Chain Feeding System is equipped with 90° gearmotors (1.5 HP), without belts, eliminating the need for maintenance. 

  • Design exclusive to Alaso.

Egg Collection 

Lift Egg Collector 

  • Collects eggs one tier at a time with minimal transfers. 

  • Allows for re-positioning of the egg conveyor based on your needs, allowing direct access to the system rows. 

  • Less space required at the ends of the barn. 

  • Efficient, durable and effective.  

  • Designed for all Alaso Systems. Exclusive Alaso Design. 

Elevator Egg Collector

  • Collects egg from every tier simultaneously.


  • Includes a unique discharge wheel, Exclusive to Alaso, that allows eggs to transfer gently unto the egg conveyor. 

  • It can be set up to allow direct access to the system rows. 

  • Reduces time and labor cost. 

  • Designed for all Alaso Systems. Exclusive Alaso Design. 

Manure Collection

  • Manufactured with heavy galvanized steel and equipped with PVC manure collecting belts and 3HP gearmotors. 

  • Available with elevation and de-elevation up to 30 degrees. It can be used in storage areas attached to the house or in a separate barn. Set up to meet specific needs. 

  • With direct drive power units - coupled motor and gearbox, without belt, eliminating the need for belt changes and requiring less maintenance.

Manure Scraper


  • Installed in the bottom pit and when powered, it takes the manure to the cross conveyor that takes it outside the barn.


  • Manufactured in zinc coated hop dip galvanized steel, against corrosion for longer lasting reliability. 

Other Options

  • Climate Control System. ​​

  • Timer controlled Egg Saver for a gentler transfer of the eggs from the system onto the egg belt.

  • Aisle lighting for proper day to day management. Various options available, contact us for more information. 

  • Egg Counter​.

The incorporation of each system with the appropriate components and options is essential for the equipment effectiveness. Each project is unique and requires specific planning depending on the needs. Alaso specialists are available to help you find the best solutions to optimize your production.