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About Alaso

Based out of Florida and with over 40 years of industry experience, Alaso offers reliable, efficient and durable systems, providing complete solutions for egg producers.


From the traditional A-Frame & H-Frame Systems to Alternative Housing Systems like Aviary and Enriched System, Egg Conveyors and Manure Conveyors  Alaso is your North American Manufacture Specialized in Egg Production Equipment! 

Alaso USA Production Process

Equipment 100% Made in the USA, out of Central Florida. 

Over 40 years of innovation and industry experience!

Superior Quality Control

As part of our manufacturing process, we go through rigorous testing to ensure the components of the systems have the integrity we promise our customers and are ready for shipment and installation at site. With this feature, we can guarantee our commitment to excellence with every single project.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

When it comes to manufacturing great products, a strong foundation and state of the art equipment is essential.  Alaso is known for their quality standards, durability and reliability. They are constantly looking at ways to innovate and streamline the production process to make it more price effective while maintaining those standards.

First-Rate Materials

Alaso's equipment is designed and manufactured under the strictest quality standards. Its components are tested and carefully selected, providing a reliable production systems that creates the optimal environment for the layer, thus enabling producers to achieve higher return on investments.


Company History 


Alaso was founded by an Italian immigrant to Venezuela. The company grew fast pioneering poultry automatization in Venezuela and the surrounding South America Countries. 


Miami distribution center opens to service Central,South America, and the Caribbean


Lakeland, FL manufacturing facility opens to service global distribution, excluding Venezuela, which remains serviced by the local facility. 


Alaso moves Lakeland manufacturing facility to larger facility and significantly expands its capabilities. 


Alaso services producers globally, providing equipment 100% made in the USA. Now with partners worldwide and multiple offices in South and Central America. 

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