Layer Flexx™ System

Multi-tier Aviary System

Offers flexibility and adaptability, plus it Cage Free Certifiable, providing respectable conditions for layers, while maintaining an efficient and profitable production!

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Layer Enriched System


Complies with the 2017 NFACC of  Canada

Offers respectable conditions for animals, while maintaining an efficient and profitable egg production. The enrichments allow birds to demonstrate their natural behavior, as they move freely throughout the compartment.


Layer Stacked System

Offers higher capacity and efficiency. Designed with greater height for better ventilation and optimal bird behavior.

Available with various configuration of tiers, with the option of integrated catwalks, and a Traveling Hopper or Flat Chain Feeding System. 


Layer A-Frame System

Efficient Automation, with lower labor requirements. 

Available with 3 and 4 tiers, and the option of a

Traveling Hopper or Flat Chain Feeding System.