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Layer Volary™ System

Multi-tier Aviary for Cage-Free Egg Production 

Designed with large capacity Cage-Free Production in mind, providing ease of management and bird movement. It has a pyramid shape that allows for easy access to the birds in the system. After strong user feedback from experienced producers, this system was designed to optimize daily management and provide longer-lasting reliability.

Alaso Layer Volary.jpg

Pullet Aviary Trainer System

Meets the needs and requirements for Pullet Cage-Free
product, providing the necessary enrichments to train and strengthen the pullets, from day 1 until the laying cycle begins for Cage-Free Production!

PT475 - Pullet Trainer2.jpg

Layer Flexx™ System

Multi-tier Aviary 

Offers flexibility and adaptability, and it's Cage Free Certifiable, providing respectable conditions for layers, while maintaining an efficient and profitable production!

Layer Enriched System


Complies with the 2017 NFACC of  Canada.

Offers respectable conditions for animals, while maintaining an efficient and profitable egg production. The enrichments allow birds to demonstrate their natural behavior, as they move freely through the compartment.

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